Mariah Carey Says Humidity Is Behind Her Flawless Ringlets

Curated via Twitter from Allure’s twitter account….

People on TikTok have been finding out they've had curly hair all their lives, Allure editors have shared their curly-hair routines during the pandemic, we found out Adele has naturally curly hair (who knew? ), and Mariah Carey brought back her early-'90s ringlets — and it looks like they're here to stay.

Personally, I didn't know there was such thing as "good humidity," but clearly, I've been wrong all along because this is better than just good — and her fans agree. "Oh my GOD CURLYRIAH!!!!!!!!!! " one wrote, praising the nickname Carey gave herself, while others screamed compliments to her like "STUNNING" and "BEAUTIFUL.

On August 16, Carey posted a new photo to her Instagram wearing her curly hair while praising the weather for a good hair day in the caption.

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