Meghan Markle Looks Forward to Using Her Voice: ‘I Haven’t Been Able to Of Late’

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Elsewhere in the interview, the duchess also discussed the significance of the next election and shared her thoughts on the importance of voting—something her husband has never been able to do. “People are craving a change,” she said. “In the place we’re all in right now, there’s such a moment where people are starting to question the systems we’ve always believed in. “When I have these conversations about encouraging people to go out and vote, I think it’s often challenging for men and women alike, certainly for people to remember just how hard to was for people to get the right to vote,” Meghan Markle continued. “And to be really aware of not taking that for granted.

Markle, who just moved into her new California home with husband Prince Harry and their one-year-old son, Archie, acknowledged how difficult it was to come back home to see the country’s “state of affairs" following the death of George Floyd and ongoing Black Lives Matter protests. “I’m being honest, it was just devastating,” Markle said. “It was so sad to see where our country was in that moment.

Markle went on to say that she’s excited to be part of a positive change. “From my standpoint, it’s not new to see this undercurrent of racism and certainly unconscious bias, but I think to see the changes that are being made right now is…something I look forward to being a part of,” she explained. “And being part of using my voice in a way that I haven’t been able to of late.

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