The Best Lip Products and DIY Treatments to Reverse Summer Damage

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I’ve literally got one in every pocket and purse, and one on every table in my house—and I do understand what ‘literal’ means.  Trust, they are all there!  When I discovered the Sisley Paris Nutritive Lip Balm, it quickly became a staple on my nightstand and in my kit.  As much as I love the average balm, not all of them hydrate and trap moisture like this one.  It really coats the lips, feels nourishing, and stays on for long periods—without becoming greasy or creating too much slip under your favorite lipstick.

DIY Treatment for Lips: Exfoliate your lips with a sonic toothbrush as a natural exfoliant a couple of times a week, and then you can actually use a favorite face mask with nourishing and hydrating benefits on your lips for a hydrating lip treatment.

DIY Treatment for Lips: “My favorite DIY go-to for soft lips is first to buy a separate toothbrush just for your lips (I have a pretty pink one).

We quizzed them below on the best products to keep lips hydrated, soft, and restored; but keeping the state of the world in mind, we also had these skin experts reveal their favorite at-home DIY treatments.

Go-To Product for Lips: “My new favorite summer lip treatment is the MD Solarsciences Hydrating Sheer Lip Balm with SPF 30.

DIY Treatment for Lips: “My other lip obsession is a great lip scrub—no lip balm absorbs properly over dry, flaky skin.  I keep one in my kit and usually have one on hand at home.  But if I’m traveling or in a pinch it’s an easy one to quickly create in your kitchen.

A luxurious lipstick sounds like a divine quick fix, but we’d also like to suggest you inform yourself about the most innovative and effective lip treatments, recommended by top skin experts who deal with lips as their vocation.

Go-To Product for Lips: “It’s super important to use a lip balm with a waxy finish, as the wax creates a physical barrier to prevent water loss.

Go-To Product for Lips: “Lip exfoliation is so important because your lips don’t have sebaceous glands to keep them moisturized.

Jessica Wu has a skin philosophy rooted in consistent skincare with innovative, natural products to treat lips.

My go-to for rejuvenating and hydrating lips is the La Mer The Lip Balm.

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