The Inkey List Is Launching Hair and Scalp Products

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The Inkey List is doing just that, with a brand-new collection of eight scalp and hair treatments based around the same hero ingredient mentality as its skin-care line. "We're taking the rules that we set for skin, which is that ingredients can have a major impact, and applying them to scalp," cofounder Colette Laxton tells Allure. "People's skin-care knowledge is really high, but hair-wise, there's less understanding. "I think hair care now is where skin care was five years ago," agrees cofounder and lead formulator Mark Curry. "You don't just cleanse your face, and you can do more than just shampoo your hair. You can really treat it.

Also launching are five new hair treatments: Peptide Volumizing Hair Treatment, Shea Oil Nourishing Hair Treatment, and Chia Seed Curl Defining Hair Treatment, plus the aforementioned HA and vitamin C. (The founders recommend that last one if you've been skipping your hair-color appointments lately — "it has an instant impact in terms of brightness," says Curry. ) The Shea Oil formula comes in the form of (duh) an oil, meant to be used on either wet or dry, clean hair.

The line consists of three scalp treatments: Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Scalp Treatment, Amino Acid Anti-Gray Scalp Treatment, and Caffeine Stimulating Scalp Treatment. In the U. K. , where the line has already launched, the Exfoliating Treatment has been a standout seller. "In the reviews, people are like 'I've had a flaky scalp for years, and in one use, it's sorted,'" Laxton says.

Cosmetic chemist Stephen Alain Ko, who isn't affiliated with the brand, took a closer look at the ingredient lists for us and verified that all eight formulas do indeed contain the hero ingredient (always read your labels just in case! ). "The formulas are simple and straightforward," he says. "We set out with the knowledge to deliver knowledge to people and empower them to get better skin," says Laxton. "We're now trying to make that really simple for people when it comes to hair.

With the knowledge that many of their fans already speak skin care, Laxton and Curry formulated the range around ingredients that you'll likely be familiar with, like a Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Hair Treatment and Vitamin C Brightening Hair Treatment.

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