We Asked 14 Yoga Instructors to Share Their Favorite Leggings

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I often layer them over a bodysuit and can make a quick change to ‘real’ pants if needed. “I love to practice yoga in Lululemon leggings made with Luon fabric,” says Jess Klein, a yoga and dance teacher in Seattle. “This material is amazingly soft, super stretchy, and incredibly lightweight. ” But sometimes even yogis want a pair of baggy, lived-in sweats for the studio.

Florida-based yoga teacher, entrepreneur, and photographer Naya Rappaport says she gravitates to these drawstring-waist leggings with pockets because of how “versatile, stylish, and soft” they are. “The drawcords accentuate my curves and the deep side pockets are a dream come true. “I am a forever lover, girlfriend, indulger, and associate of the Outdoor Voices Warmup Shorts and Athena bra! ” says Brittany Addison-Prescott, a senior yoga instructor in Dallas. “I own them in every single flavor they serve! ” She says, “They dry quickly, suck, tuck, lift, and gift in all the right places.

However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Photographer @MichaelJ. “The Lululemon Align 28" pants are the total package because they look great while feeling amazing,” says Jen Carlin, yoga instructor at Humming Puppy in New York City. “I wear them everywhere because I love the fabric; it feels super soft against your skin while still being lightweight and breathable for any activity. ” To make them last longer, she has a pro tip: “Just make sure you don’t wash too often or put them in the dryer.

Shawn Scott, instructor at The Hot Room in Indianapolis, likes the brand’s yoga pants for a few reasons. “They are lightweight and moisture-wicking, which makes them ideal for a hot yoga room,” Scott says. “Plus, they come in many vibrant patterns and colors, but their signature stripe is the best—they create the perfect booty lift! ” If you need more convincing, K-Deer donates 5% of the proceeds of the stripe collection to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey.

The yoga instructor, who focuses on safe, effective alignment and dynamic, energetic movement, says her favorite pair is the 7/8 Flex Leggings by Outdoor Voices. “They stay in place through every pose and don’t weigh you down during super-sweaty hot-yoga classes.

Thanks to the Takara Leggings from Carbon38, “I don’t have to worry about them being transparent or falling down my waist,” she says. “I like them because they are both sexy and functional. ” But most important, she says, “They are supportive and sleek, making me feel powerful and graceful in my yoga practice.

For leggings that hug in all the right places, Crystal McCreary, certified yoga teacher with a specialty in children’s yoga, recommends Live the Process Ballet Leggings. “It’s the most comfortable fabric I’ve found in a legging that hugs and accentuates my athletic legs and curves in all the best ways—and doesn’t roll down at the waist! ” she says.

The high waist is soft, so no muffin top! ” The style is versatile too. “I  love that they go right from studio to street. “I may be a little biased, as I am a Lululemon ambassador,” says Jamie Clark, yoga instructor at Fit Flex Fly. “However, even before becoming one, I was always obsessed with the Lululemon Align pants, hands down!

She’s a fan of K-Deer because the they are “designed with a unique inseam, so you never have to worry about any awkward fit issues,” but during the cooler months she wears the Outdoor Voices 7/8 Warm Up Leggings. “They layer great under jeans, and the material is a bit thicker,” she says. “I have long legs and a short torso, and the waistband hits at just the right place. ” For an even cozier fit, she goes for the Outdoor Voices Cloud Knit Sweats. “I live in them—they’re the comfiest!

Phyllicia Bonanno, an Alo Yoga teacher, mindfulness expert, and cofounder of the Sisters of Yoga Collective, says these high-waist leggings “are super slimming and the material is supportive enough to help lift the booty.

Plus, the stirrups make these extra special: “They take me back to my dancer days and are particularly cozy in winter boots and shoes. “I’m obsessed with the Align Pant II from Lululemon! ” says Jillian McAfee, yoga instructor and personal trainer. “Though they are specifically made for yoga, I find myself wearing them almost daily.

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