CVS Has Completely Eliminated These Ingredients From Its Sun Care – NewBeauty

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As such, these findings have proved somewhat controversial with both the cosmetics and marine biology communities. “Until more studies are done, the jury is still out,” Dr. Zedlitz adds.  “Although, Hawaii passed a law that goes into effect January 2021 that bans the sale of sunscreens with these two ingredients.  Personally, I have always advocated the use of physical sunscreens with zinc and titanium (over chemical), and some protective clothing.

They will try to get it passed in 2021 though,” she explains. “Studies show SPF greater than 50 has hardly any more benefit than SPF 30 or 50 and higher rates of misuse, and it’s worse for the environment.  Australia limits SPF to 30, and Europe, 50.

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