Why the World Needs More Muslim and Halal-Certified Beauty Brands

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When I was younger, having us keep our knowledge about being Muslim and Persian was important, but my family was also really tough on us to respect the new culture that we were living in.

I started talking to other people about our culture, and I started realizing, "Hold on a minute.

Growing up, seeing my friends with light blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin and looking at the magazines, TV shows, and movies, I never really saw anyone who looked like me.

And so, I made it my mission to bring the beautiful side of being Muslim to the Western world.

Lida Djarar Fischer is the founder of Lyda Beauty and a proud Muslim woman.

When I came to the US at 21 and saw all of the different beautiful cultures, I started feeling accepted — that’s something I will always be grateful to the US for.

I started talking to my mother more about my religion and culture.

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