17 Travel Essentials Worth Buying From Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

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Your next travel outfit might also be hidden among the virtual racks: Nordstrom has incredible deals on Zella leggings (complete with pockets for all your essentials), won't-dig-into-your-ankles Nike Flyknit sneakers, and slouchy cardigans for curling up during those weekend road trips away from the city.

The idea of jetting off to a faraway destination has probably gone (far) out the window, but the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 is giving us a lot to look forward to when travel becomes more realistic again.

So, even if the farthest place you're traveling right now is your kitchen, Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale 2020 is a great time to invest in everything you need to make those future out-of-office days as flawless as possible.

Whether it's a cab driver en route to the airport with a magnetic attraction to traffic jams, or all the havoc that eight hours of sitting on a plane can wreak on sensitive skin, travel adventures require the right kind of gear.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is officially open to all (finally! )—which means that everyone (yes, everyone) can stock up on the retailer's must-have travel essentials.

You're going to want a secure place to store your small (but important) travel items and ID cards, and this clutch-size wallet is it.

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