Damien Hirst Bravely Knocks Off Maurizio Cattelan’s Banana

Curated via Twitter from W Magazine’s twitter account….

Maybe I should call you Francesco Bananami from now on!? “This is it now on my wall and I love it,” Hirst wrote with pride alongside several images of the banana mounted on a wall near his patio, safe from the sunlight. “[Bonami] said the banana has to point the opposite way hahahahaha ????,” Hirst continued, presumably addressing potential accusations of plagiarism—especially because he didn’t cover the fruit in his signature epoxy resin. “Real ????real???? real???? !!! ,” Hirst confirmed in the comments section, where he conducted a Q&A session of sorts.

Still “desperate to buy” it seven months later, Hirst enlisted his friend, the curator Francesco Bonami, to approach Cattelan with a deal: In exchange for a banana, Cattelan could have any work in Hirst’s entire oeuvre.

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