'Selling Sunset': a Rare Reality Show Where Women Actually Work for Their Money

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Selling Sunset, the latest Netflix reality show to make you lose all sense of place and time, features a soundtrack that is intoxicating in its blandness, as though it were pulled directly from an off brand cycling studio’s “Boss Bitch Power Hour” playlist. “YOU WERE NEVER BORN TO QUIT YOU GOTTA STAND UP YOU WERE MADE FOR THIS” belts a singer on the show, which follows the seven women realtors of the Oppenheim Group, a luxury real estate brokerage in West Hollywood, and their two male bosses. “BREAKING THROUGH THE CEILING, WATCH THE SKY RAIN DOWN IN PIECES,” a singer exclaims as the women talk about the frustration of working for egotistical men. The camera pans to a $3. 5 million house the brokerage plans to sell.

Selling Sunset, however, shows off a lifestyle somewhat more in line with the times. “In this business you always have to hustle no matter what,” Maya Vander, a real estate agent and one of the show’s stars, says in an episode. “Because nobody is going to give you anything. ” She filmed the third season, now streaming, while pregnant with her second child, but we never see Maya’s family or hear about her doctor’s appointments—she works every day and still has time to attend parties and networking events for the real estate group while wearing a stunning gown, a blowout, and a smile.

The show doesn’t passively accept the fact that hotness moves houses—the pilot episode shows the women side-eyeing a new hire. (“We have a new girl in the office. And guess what? She’s a pretty girl. Shocking! ”) In the same episode, we watch Maya navigate an all-too-familiar circumstance: keeping a professional rapport with a client who seems like he's trying to sleep with her. “I have to kind of play the game,” she tells the camera, ruefully, after enduring the man’s innuendos, date invitations, and too-close hugs.

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