49 Palm Tree Tattoo Ideas to Help You Embrace Tropical Island Life Every Day of the Year

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We think palm trees are oddly calming, regardless of the season, or the tattoo style you opt for, and conveniently, they’re also a great option for couples and best friends who’re looking for the perfect design for matching tattoos.

Basically, there’s a palm tree tattoo for every taste, whether you prefer simple tattoos, or are in the market for a real showstopper.

Keep on scrolling to see a bunch of examples of palm tree tattoos that will bring a little slice of tropical, island life to your every day.

They’re extremely versatile, and lend themselves equally to a small, minimalist, design as a whimsical, watercolor-style tattoo, or an all-out creation that dominates an entire limb.

There are very few tattoo designs that are as universally coveted as a tropical palm tree.

Our personal favorite styles are those that mix minimalist line drawings, with pops of color that help to add an individual flair to the tattoo.

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