Low-Rise Jeans Are Coming Back—and That's OK

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It didn't take long for this trend (“trend”) to spread beyond the runways, with brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Current/Elliott, and AMO as well as influencers like the Hadid sisters letting low-rise jeans into their hearts (Hadid sisters) and upcoming collections (Abercrombie & Fitch, Current/Elliott, and AMO.

For one, the 2019 version of the low-rise jean suggests that there’s a way to participate in the trend without wearing yours with 42 henleys or polo shirts—nor do your pants need to be too tight and too flared.

Last year ended with a type of fashion revelation that suited a year oft compared to a raging garbage fire: Low-rise jeans are coming back.

Alas, the momentum kept building: Kirk Miller of Linder NYC used both the spring 2018 and spring 2019 runways to pair low-rise bottoms with visible bikini bottoms or undergarments.

I think that partly explains the backlash (and quiet obsession) with the comeback of the low-rise jean, and why the internet quickly begged the fashion gods to reconsider.

The cyclical nature of trends dictates that at some point, we’ll come face-to-face with the worst parts of our pasts, or at least the styles some of us (hi) equate most with being young, foolish, and hopelessly unaware that just because a type of pants exists doesn’t mean you have to wear it.

Models like Joyce Mao, Fran Summers, and Lakshmi Menon have started incorporating it into their off-duty looks, with button-down shirts and flat sandals or minimal tube tops and sneakers, in a way that's understated—and un-ironic. (For the record, some brands now refer to them as low-slung jeans.

Bella Hadid may wear low-rise jeans with a cropped button-up, but her approach to pants represents one choice. J.

I lived for nights out where I could pair distressed low-rise denim with pointy-toe kitten heels and belts that looked like neckties. (FASHION!

But as much as I've learned from my past fashion mistakes, I'm—wait for it—welcoming the new low-rise trend.

Graduating to adulthood meant that we got to leave low-rise jeans in our youths, nestled among our comically tiny purses and Von Dutch hats.

I mean, yes, in November, Jennifer Lopez was seen wearing a pair of wide-leg thong pants, first spotted on the Natasha Zinko runway in February.

In 2019, fashion has come to prioritize the self-expression over glorified style rules; we're freer to choose clothes that fit our body rather than force our body to fit the clothes.

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