Tess Holliday Called Out the Strawberry Dress TikTok Trend for a Very Important Reason

Curated via Twitter from Glamour’s twitter account….

According to Holliday, despite landing her on a bunch of “worst dressed lists” when she wore it on the red carpet, the $490 dress later went viral after being seen on thin people. “I knew instantly the reason why the dress was getting so much attention seven months later,” she said. “And that's because it was popularized by people that are deemed beautiful by society standards, in a body type that's deemed acceptable. “This is the perfect example of erasure that fat and plus-size people deal with in fashion.

The model is now calling out the trend as a perfect example of a problematic double standard in fashion. “I like how this dress had me on worst dressed lists when I wore it in January to the Grammys, but now bc a bunch of skinny ppl wore it on TikTok everyone cares,” Holliday wrote on Instagram on August 17. “To sum it up: Our society hates fat people, especially when we are winning. Thank you @lirika. matoshi & @meaghanpoconnor for making me feel like a princess 7 months ago.

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