The Best Brow Gel Ever Is 30% Off Right Now

Curated via Twitter from Glamour’s twitter account….

Gimme Brow+ (formerly known as Gimme Brow; the brand recently updated the ingredients and shade range) is a gel that pumps up brows with microfibers so they look fuller and fluffier.

It also has a teeny-tiny brush that’s custom to the brand and is perfect for sweeping my brows upward without getting product all over my skin.

The tiny hint of color brings my brows front and center without making them too dark (I use shade 2, Warm Golden Brown), and the fibers and pigments effortlessly fill in any gaps.

I never thought I would say eyebrow gel is the makeup product I can’t live without (three months ago I would have said full-coverage foundation, hands down), but I guess we’re learning all sorts of things about ourselves this year.

The gel is on the drier side (it’s a little closer to a pomade in my opinion), which I actually like because it’s easier to apply just a little so my brows don’t get sticky or heavy.

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