13 Face Mask Containers and Carrying Cases That Are Actually Chic

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Manufacturers everywhere are stepping in to create clever compartments and carrying cases for face coverings, but you can also repurpose existing homewares, like chic baskets and wall hooks to keep your mask clean and accessible (without becoming an eyesore in your space).

Ahead, find 13 smart face mask storage ideas that you might just keep around once the pandemic is behind us—because who doesn't love tidying up unsightly clutter?

Frantically clutching your mouth after walking out your door sans face covering is a pastime many of us have experienced—but luckily, face mask storage ideas have cropped up everywhere to help ensure that yours is at the ready before you venture outside.

Open Spaces makes great-looking containers for pantry staples, beauty products, and random knick-knacks, including these minimalist bins that are an ideal insulated home for your face mask friends.

The great thing about this silicone carrying case is how easily it can be boiled or sterilized, and it'll keep your mask clean and available thanks to the handy loop that can easily be attached to your keychain.

Add your face mask to that list, and find it a designated spot to grab it before you head out the door—like these cute bins that are also great for conquering clutter.

If you're dining al fresco, simply fold up your disposable face mask and slip it in so it's at the ready when you're on the go again.

Better yet, bolt hooks right to the door so you can't leave without meeting your face mask at eye level.

Multipurpose coin pouches are the perfect alternative to stuffing your face mask into the bottom of a crumb-laden purse.

With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's recommendation to mask up when social distancing measures are hard to maintain, forgetting your mask is a no-no—but like house keys, essentials are surprisingly easy to forget.

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