23 Reasons We're Refreshing Our Nap-Dress Collection For Fall

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Scroll through for a few fall-inspired moments in the nap/house dress, then shop our favorite pieces that are just as dreamy as the ones you wore all summer.

Even though the nap dress, which basically looks like a very chic, beautiful nightgown, doesn’t exactly scream "get sh*t done," wearing it might just give you enough confidence to do exactly that.

As we continue to safely work from home this fall, this is exactly the type of mood-boosting dress we care to wear more of.

This summer, we wore them in lightweight fabrics like linen, whether it was for a barefoot walk through the yard or to sit outside with a good book.

Only this season, we’re searching for thicker fabrics, longer sleeves, and darker colorways or prints that come in autumnal tones.

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