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The popularity of her true crime stories shines a light on society’s overall fascination with murder mysteries and serial killers—and with the success of binge-worthy TV shows like Dirty John, Mindhunters and HBO’s recent I’ll Be Gone in the Dark docuseries, it’s safe to say deadly tales are hotter than ever.

While her makeup artist skills are definitely on point, it’s the YouTuber’s quirky storytelling skills that suck you in, almost as if she’s right there in your bedroom with a flashlight under her face.  NewBeauty caught up with Sarian to find out how her unique videos come together.

I’ve always had an interest in true crime stories, and I enjoy researching and trying to find all the information about a certain story.

I just want to talk about true crime, and I do my makeup to keep myself busy while I’m talking, it’s really as simple as that.

So, I try to find the lesser talked about ones, which is funny because if you’re trying to grow your channel on YouTube, the number-one thing a creator should do is pay attention to which videos of theirs performs the best and keep doing that.

The former freelance MUA had been making video tutorials since 2013, but it was her true crime stories, filmed with a side of lipstick and eyeshadow, that eventually caught the attention of millions of viewers.

Plus, my videos are not so much product focused, I don’t speak to the products I’m using or rarely talk about my makeup.

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