This Beauty Creator's Mail-Themed Makeup Look Has a Deeper Meaning

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The talented young makeup artist, who currently has 12,000 followers on Instagram, posted a stunning slideshow of the look on Friday night — along with a caption that delves deeper into her inspiration. "You've got mail ????????????????????✨," the first part reads.

As you can see, the clever look includes an intricate hand-drawn "letter" on her left cheek, which Adelaide addressed to the self-doubt that she, and so many other people (ourselves included), struggle with on a daily basis.

Inspired by feelings of uncertainty, Adelaide created an ingenious mail-themed makeup look that features a "letter" to her own self-doubt.

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The letter simply reads: "Dear self-doubt, we're breaking up… " and is enclosed in a tiny envelope with red and blue detailing.

In terms of the rest of the look, Adelaide went all out on her eyes, too, with bright blue eye shadow, matching blue eyeliner, and tiny red hearts scattered doodled her lids.

Now, perhaps this goes without saying, but I'm not only obsessed with this look because it's straight-up beautiful to look at — but also because Adelaide went above and beyond and used her artistry to start a super-relatable conversation about mental health.

Makeup artist Serena Adelaide used her latest creation to spark up a conversation about self-doubt.

I've been following Serena Adelaide's work on Instagram for over a few months now, and I'm still blown away every single time she posts a new beauty look.

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