Netflix's 'Million Dollar Beach House' Has Major 'Selling Sunset' Vibes

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In the big city, Marnie finds a gang of new friends, all with their own foibles, who lead her to an unexpected diagnosis: a form of OCD nicknamed ‘Pure O,’ where her obsessions manifest as intrusive sexual thoughts, and her compulsions are the unseen mental rituals she performs to quiet them.

As Marnie moves in with her cheery schoolmate Shereen and befriends recovering addict Charlie, journalist and ladies-woman Amber, and Amber’s irresistible housemate Joe, will she learn to manage the deviant thoughts piling up inside her head?

If you love Netflix's Selling Sunset, then you'll be all over its latest real estate reality show: Million Dollar Beach House.

Pure: Here is HBO Max's official description for this show. “For as long as she can remember, 24-year-old Marnie’s mind has been flooded with uncontrollable X-rated thoughts, and she’s too ashamed to tell anyone.

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