13 Amazing Strapless Bras Customers Can't Stop Raving About

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What customers say: "I have gone years without an adequate strapless bra because it is just so difficult to find one that fits, is comfortable, and stays secure. Enter the Body Luxe Bra.

What customers say: “As an E cup, I have struggled with wearing many shirts that require strapless bras because most are designed to push the girls up and create a volume that doesn't work for many shirt styles.

This strapless bra is what gave a heavy/full-chested girl the confidence to wear tops and dresses she thought she'd never be able to wear because all those other strapless bras did nothing to lift or support her!

What customers say: “This is hands-down the best-fitting, most comfortable, non-slipping, best shaped strapless bra you will ever find!

What customers say: “Thank you, thank you for finally making a comfortable strapless bra that fits!

What customers say: “Do you know what it's like to go 2 to 3 years without the Fantasie Strapless Bra that a girl like me purchased almost seasonally? Well it was… horrible!

So seize the day, throw on your most impractical summer dress, and shop 13 of the very best strapless bras of 2020, according to happy customers.

Key selling points: If you're itching to wear those chic backless numbers throughout the final days of summer, meet your new favorite wardrobe hack.

Key selling points: Praised for its soft and flexible feel, this breathable strapless bra is the no-wire style you didn't know you needed.

Key selling points: Amazon might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you're bra shopping, but as proven by this top-rated style, the e-tailer giant has quality styles to consider.

Key selling points: With foam-lined underwire cups and a customizable fit thanks to convertible, adjustable stretch straps, this bra is great for summer dresses and tank tops.

With summer on its way out, you might be rushing to wear all the pretty dresses that just hung in your closet during quarantine, and the best strapless bras can help complete the look.

Key selling points: If you're searching for a true “second skin” feel, consider the Fits Everybody Bandeau from Kim Kardashian's shapewear line, Skims.

Key selling points: Available in sizes 30DD to 36G, this molded bra offers a rounded silhouette, a no-slip band, and removable straps for a variety of tops.

Key selling points: With over 1,300 reviews and a near-perfect star rating, this molded underwire bra features smooth fabric and light foam padding to accentuate your natural shape.

The silicone lining on the band helps keep it from sliding down like most strapless bras I’ve tried (who wants to deal with that when they’re carrying a toddler around?! ).

Key selling points: If you're struggling with a tricky top your boobs keep popping out of, try this bra that minimizes the bust line up to 1. 5" while mirroring your natural shape (no tube boobs here).

Thanks to its comfortable support, lump-free padding, and silicone grippers for a no-slip fit, this versatile style does it all, and will quickly become a regular pick from your top drawer (especially when you're in the mood to show some cleavage).

What customers say: “This is my favorite strapless bra.

Key selling points: The Natori Feathers Bra has a cult following for a reason, and the same goes for this strapless version.

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