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In episode one of Netflix’s new binge-worthy docuseries (Un)Well, filmmakers take on the aromatic essential oil wellness trend and some of its multilevel marketing groups, like doTerra and Young Living, that have become household names.

As fans of aromatherapy and the benefits of essential oils, we wanted to hear firsthand from an industry insider on how viewers should navigate the questions brought about by the series’ in-depth expose.

I recommend waiting until a child is at least two years old before using essential oils like eucalyptus and peppermint, and of course diluted.

Use them intentionally and in moderation in a couple of your daily rituals to help you heal an injury or for help with sleep, stress, relaxation, skin care, household cleaning, immune support, regulating your mood and mental focus and of course for their beauty and aromatic luxury!

Hope Gillerman: Essential oils have many uses and are beneficial for the mind and body.

Are multi-level marketing companies giving essential oils a bad name?

HG: Firstly, we advise not to swallow, drink or eat your essential oils. They must be diluted.

NewBeauty: What do you want viewers to know about essential oils if they’re left scratching their heads?

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