Dove Cameron's Fans Think Her New Finger Tattoo Is a Nod to Harry Styles

Curated via Twitter from POPSUGAR Beauty’s twitter account….

Cameron posted photos of her new tattoo on Aug. 23 to her Instagram page, giving her followers a close-up look at her finger tats and bright yellow manicure.

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Many speculated the ink is a nod to Harry Styles and his song "She" off of his 2019 Fine Line album.

While the caption on the photo was vague, reading "who is she," Cameron’s fans have their own ideas about the hidden meaning behind the new tattoo.

"A harry styles song," read one fan’s comment.

"She lives in day dreams with me," read another comment quoting a lyric from Styles’s song.

Cameron’s "X" tattoo on her left pinky finger is also visible in the photo of her new ink.

Others included "Harry styles that’s all I see" and "So you a harry styles stan now? k i stan".

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