How Women Came to Dominate the Rap World

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In the first half of 2020 already, they’ve continued to bombard the pop charts: Megan’s “Savage (Remix),” featuring Beyoncé, hit the top, while Doja Cat’s “Say So,” featuring Nicki Minaj, gave both artists their first No. 1 songs. “What makes this generation of rappers different from those in the past is the freedom and ownership we have over our image, content, music, and fan base,” says Princess Nokia, 28, who recently released Everything Is Beautiful and Everything Sucks, a pair of frantic, starry-eyed albums that reflect both sides of her personality. “We created our artistries.

Whatever you wanna do, you can put it out on social media and see who accepts it. ” Saweetie agrees. “There are so many dope girls out right now making a name for themselves, and we’re proving that, because we’re accumulating all of our own fan bases on social media, we don’t need no cosigns,” she says. “We don’t need no gatekeeper to tell us what’s hot or not.

Rico Nasty encourages mosh pits during her performances and has a virtual lookbook of personas, from punk to goth, with a wardrobe that includes studded Crocs. “Girls need to have fun too,” Rico says. “We should be able to fucking go crazy, be able to lose our fucking minds, and it’s not like, ‘Oh, she’s doing too much. ’ No, bitch, we’re all doing too much.

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