Jennifer Garner Just Learned How to Blow Out Her Own Hair

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JENNIFER GARNER: I'm always pretty good about taking care of my skin, but I have been a little more into doing masks and taking the time to exfoliate and just taking a little better care.

GARNER: I have learned the importance of powder in front of a camera, which, I mean, I've been powdered a million times in my life, but I'd never paid attention. Now, I get it.

In true mom fashion, she asks me where I've been sheltering in place and if everything has been OK. (Brooklyn; yes, I'm adapting to everything. ) For a second, I feel like I'm catching up with an aunt instead of a celebrity of Jennifer Garner proportions.

She shared her pick, as well a recent addition to her skin-care routine: toner. “That is something I would be skipping," she tells Allure. "That is something I've adopted during quarantine.

I've been really into the whole Neutrogena family of masks during quarantine because they're so inexpensive and you can try a different one any day of the week.

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