Jennifer Garner’s Reaction to Finishing ‘The Office’ for the First Time Is So Adorable

Curated via Twitter from Glamour’s twitter account….

They finally reached the finale, and it’s got the actor in her feelings. “My kids and I have spent months piled on the couch working our way through ‘How to Behave as Grownups’ ????????‍♀️, aka #TheOffice,” she wrote in an Instagram caption. "Apparently, we are sensitive people—the finale hit us pretty hard.

From her fake cooking show episodes to adorable animal videos and her celebration of dance in all forms, it’s truly a bright light in the sometimes dark world of social media in 2020.

Oh, and there’s also a tribute to The Office on the wall behind her. “You’ll never guess which show my kids and I watched an episode a day of through quarantine and guess what?

A few of the show’s stars weighed in via the comments section. “Omg!! @jennifer. garner I am only just seeing this (we had no air conditioning for the day so long story short but I’m only just catching up on things)!! I love this.

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