Just Give Pam Grier a Biopic Already

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Grier’s career is far from over—after her Blaxploitation debut she went on to star in Miami Vice, Jackie Brown, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, Mars Attacks! , The L Word, and most recently the ABC sitcom Bless This Mess—so any film about her life would have five decades of material to work with for the story.

She has already said she wants former Saturday Night Live cast member Jay Pharaoh to play Pryor, whom she began dating after both were cast in the 1977 film Greased Lightning and helped achieve sobriety. “I watched him and heard his voice and closed my eyes and said, ‘It’s Richard,’” she said about the first time she met Pharaoh while they recorded character voices for a video game.

The relationship was an integral part of Grier’s life, however, if brought to the silver screen, there’s one anecdote that the director of this film absolutely cannot forget to incorporate into a scene: Pryor’s infamous drug fueled sex that (allegedly, according to her memoir) left Grier with a cocaine buildup inside of her.

It’s hard to believe that a ’70s icon and sex symbol like Pam Grier has yet to receive the biopic treatment, but the actress herself is crowdsourcing a few ideas for the surely inevitable film based on her life.

The treatment, according to Grier’s Twitter fantasy, could go a little something like this: a ’70s woman puts herself before "a man’s fame & fortune" and focuses on finding her own agency and self-empowerment in a patriarchal society.

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