Every Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag Fight on ‘The Hills,’ Ranked by Ridiculousness

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What happens: Lauren tells Heidi she doesn't think Spencer is a good person and that she'll “be there for her when he screws her over—’cause he will. ” Very harsh. (Also, knowing what I know about hangovers, I'm 83% sure they're hungover in this scene.

Rationale: Heidi and Spencer could have easily left Lauren and Jason alone to sit in their awkward white chairs at Ketchup and eat their food, which probably didn't contain any real ketchup.

Rationale: In a world without producers, Heidi would have seen the woman she's fighting with and run in the other direction—not storm up to her and say the word “sex tape” 5 million times. (Remember, the crux of the great Lauren-Heidi feud is Lauren's belief that Heidi and Spencer spread rumors that she made a sex tape with Jason.

What happens: Lauren and Whitney bump into Heidi and Heidi's Work Friend at a party.

What happens: Lauren attends Heidi and Spencer's wedding even though she despises Spencer.

What happens: Lauren and Heidi bump into each other at yet another work event.

Heidi and Spencer show up because of course they do, then send Lauren and Jason drinks as a peace offering.

What happens: Heidi feels Lauren is making her choose between keeping her best friend and keeping her boyfriend.

Rationale: A messy first confrontation was inevitable. Lauren was livid. Heidi was confused. Audrina was…there.

What happens: This was the meet-up they scheduled via IM. (See how important that was now? ) Heidi makes one final plea to Lauren for forgiveness.

Lauren and Heidi glower at each other and talk about how they're fighting.

They cry and say they miss each other, and Lauren assures Heidi that, if she ever truly needs her, she's there.

What happens: Heidi (freakin') IMs Lauren and asks if they can get together to talk.

The MTV “reality” show that turned Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, and Kristin Cavallari into household names is truly about nothing.

In fact, I was able to rank every Lauren and Heidi fight on The Hills from most to least ridiculous.

Heidi returns the sentiment by asking Lauren if she's been working out (??? ).

Lauren says Heidi doesn't have to choose…but “she's chosen.

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