Kaia Gerber and Cara Delevingne Have Matching Tattoos

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Speaking of Kendall, the model has a few tattoos herself, including this text inside her lower lip that reads “meow. ” Artist JonBoy posted this snap to his Instagram at the start of September, but we were left in the dark until a few months later, when Kendall opened up about the tattoo on her app. “I really didn’t ever plan to show my newest ‘meow’ tattoo! ” she wrote. “I got it done back in July by JonBoy in New York, and I didn’t plan on telling anyone.

This “Dangerous Woman” unveiled two new delicate finger tattoos at the end of August 2016, each created by the celebrity tattoo artist Doctor Woo, who has left his intricate mark on tons of other high-profile clients.

Woo revealed this elegant design he created for Duff, which reads “Take Fountain. ” The reference nods to Old Hollywood icon Bette Davis, who once famously told Johnny Carson that was the best way an actress could break into the biz. A few weeks after L. A. tattoo artist Daniel Winter gave the star treatment to Thorne’s tricep, she posted another shot (at right) to her Instagram.

Lovato has said in the past that her tattoos range from being serious symbols to fun designs, but perhaps she sums up this one best in her August Instagram that revealed the new tiny ink: “Cause life’s too short not to tattoo your pinky ????,” she wrote.

Hailey Baldwin loves tiny tattoos—so much that she got her 17th tattoo at Coachella, where her go-to tattoo artist, JonBoy, was inking festivalgoers at the Revolve party.

The tiny tattoo is made up of the Roman numerals for one, four, and three—which typically stands for “I love you” (because of the number of letters in each word)—but she hasn’t revealed their meaning yet.

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