Ivanka Trump Spent 18 Minutes Praising Her Dad—and Herself—at the RNC

Curated via Twitter from Glamour’s twitter account….

In the 18-minute speech, she told a story of Trump's White House through an intimate lens, referencing a series of “moments I wish every American could see,” invoking the image of  “a president who’s fighting for you every day from dawn ‘til midnight. ” This private, modest Donald Trump is—in Ivanka Trump’s estimation—a “warrior” who “takes on fights” for farmers and everyday Americans, a “builder” who rejects “the word ‘impossible. ’” She confidently represented him as “a voice for those who have been unfairly silenced,” from people who have been “canceled” to people like Alice Johnson, the great-grandmother whose life without parole sentence for a non-violent crime Donald Trump commuted.

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