This Video of Chris Hemsworth on 'Dancing With the Stars' in 2006 Has Aged Like Good Cheese

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His performance was distinctive for the fact that he did just well enough to stay in the competition through the majority of the episodes, but so poorly that all but two of his performances were the lowest-scoring dances of the night. “In the first show he was in last place and then our fifth show, he was in third place," announces host Daryl Somers on the sixth week of competition. "So he's turned the corner, and sort of found his feet. ” Somers was wrong—Hemsworth would receive the lowest score that night, as well as the next week, when he would be eliminated from the show.

Thanks to New York Times journalist Kyle Buchanan dredging up footage of Hemsworth on the popular dance show in 2006, we once again must accept the fact that Chris Hemsworth is both more and less than we imagined.

Basketball player Andrew Gaze and Chris Hemsworth practice their dance moves at the ‘Dancing With The Stars’ after show party in 2006. Why, though?

And before all that, Chris Hemsworth submerged fully in a bottle of salad dressing, climbed out, and spectacularly lost the Australian version of the show Dancing With The Stars.

He combines the robotic focus of Zac Efron doing dance-basketball with the looks of an oiled-down Patrick Swayze. “Kevin Feige shared that it almost lost me the job,” Hemsworth said in 2017, of the President of Marvel Studios, mimicking Feige. "Thor dancing?

So delicate and fragile is masculinity that we simply cannot retain the fact that the man who dresses in makeup and a cape and does choreographed fights in a movie is the same man who once dressed in makeup and and a turquoise shirt and did a choreographed dance on a TV show.

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