19 Antifog Face Masks Glasses Wearers Swear By

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Key selling points: Available in black, white, baby pink, and baby blue, this handmade double-layered mask features soft, adjustable ear loops and a metal nose wire that contour to the face for a secure fit—and doesn't sacrifice efficacy for its minimalist appearance.

Key selling points: Soft, breathable cotton is ideal for summer—and this face mask comes with an adjustable nose wire for a secure fit.

Key selling points: This valve-equipped face mask has a filter pocket, nose wire, and adjustable ear straps for a comfortable fit.

Key selling points: This mask is made of 100% silk with a cotton lining, and has adjustable ear loops and a nose wire for a secure fit. The best part? 5% of sales will be donated to BABY2BABY.

Key selling points: Sustainably made with upcycled fabric, these face masks have a nose wire and adjustable ear straps for a secure fit.

Key selling points: This antifog mask features an adjustable nose wire for a secure fit, as well as a filter pocket and two complimentary insertable filters.

Key selling points: This mask, available in three colors, features an adjustable nose bridge and ear loops, soft fabric, and complimentary carbon inserts for added filtration.

The ply makes it so the mask fits my face and the nose wire helps the fit even more and means I can actually wear my glasses because I can seal the mask around my nose.

Key selling points: This reusable cotton mask comes in various colors and features a vent for breathability as well as adjustable ear loops and an antifog design for a secure fit.

Key selling points: A snug fit is key for glasses wearers, and these face masks have adjustable ear loops for a seamless fit.

One of the most effective ways to prevent foggy glasses while wearing a face mask is to ensure your mask has a tight seal around your nose and mouth, which means finding a mask that fits your face properly.

Key selling points: This mask is made with two layers of fabric and uses multiple pieces for a more comfortable and contoured fit—ideal for anyone with a smaller face!

The Vter Cotton Face Breathing Mask is comfortable, easy to breathe through, doesn't fog my glasses and it looks good!

This mask is actually breathable and comfortable, the ear things are adjustable, and there is a metal piece at the nose which you can shape to your face comfortably!

Key selling points: This sporty face mask is triple-layered with spandex for stretch and cotton lining, breathable, and lightweight; variety pack.

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