Busy Philipps' Favorite Bra Is $40 and So Comfortable She Wears It All Day Long

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But after the pandemic forced everyone inside and halted production in Hollywood, Philipps found herself considering a new mindset. “It took me a minute to reset my brain and the way I would get myself through the less enjoyable parts of life,” she says. “Once you stop projecting what the future is going to bring, you're left with, ‘OK, well, where am I right now? ’” People have been doing mindfulness exercises like this for centuries, she adds. Just not her.

The idea for a podcast predated COVID-19, Philipps says, but it required a major pivot after the shutdown. “It was clear that, for at least the time being, the giant plans we had in place were ground to a halt," she says. “At first my initial reaction was that I needed to retreat, and I didn't want to do an immediate podcast about being in quarantine while I was trying to figure out homeschooling and if my kids were okay. If I was okay.

I'm not judgmental toward how anyone else gets through this moment but, for me, working out, showering, putting on makeup, putting on a bra, and getting dressed in a cute outfit has been helpful to keep me grounded and not going to a dark place in my brain.

It's in the washing machine right now because [my family] was like, "Busy, you've got to take the dress off. " I posted on my Instagram the other day. I'm very into it.

Since her breakthrough role as Kim Kelly on Freaks and Geeks in 1999, Philipps has starred in beloved teen series (Dawson's Creek), hosted her own late-night talk show (the gone-too-soon Busy Tonight), written a bestselling memoir (This Will Only Hurt a Little), and built a very loyal following on Instagram thanks to her candid, hyper real musings on her day.

It's really funny, but I'm curious to see how they'll address doing a quirky, inclusive comedy about police officers in New York next season.

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