It's Been Weeks, and I'm Still Stuck on This Gorgeous Green Lash Look

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To do so, they recently created a platform called EditorialBLK, which aims to give greater visibility to Black creative artists, with a specific focus on beauty. "I [was finding it] almost impossible to find Black creative artists through hashtags and it was so frustrating," Asumadu tells Allure in an email. "I can't believe that creating the [#editorialblk]( ) & [#avantgardeblk]( ) hashtags have exposed so much talent, but this is why it was done — to give the attention that so many Black artists deserve.

As for the future of EditorialBLK, Asumadu says they have many plans in the works. "I aim to create a community where we can support, amplify, and generate more opportunity for Black artists who go unseen every day.

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