Lady Gaga Wore a Fishbowl-Like Facial Shield at the MTV VMAs

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The "Rain on Me" singer, who's scheduled to strut her stuff alongside Ariana Grande later in the evening, just debuted some more bold looks that also happen to be super appropriate for the times. Two words: Facial. Coverings.

While we don't yet know who's responsible for making Gaga's facial coverings, we do know who did her gorgeous hair and makeup: hairstylist Frederic Aspiras and makeup artist Sarah Tanno, both of whom the singer's worked with for years now.

For her first look on the red carpet, she wore a clear fishbowl-esque facial shield, and for her second appearance of the evening, she wore a pink face mask contraption that, from what we can tell, is pretty heavy-duty, as it covers the majority of her face and head.

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