People Are Calling Out Million Dollar Beach House for ‘Racist Vibes’

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As Million Dollar Beach House rose to the second most-watched series on Netflix in the U. S. this weekend, Twitter became flooded with critical takes about the “racist vibes” among the show's realtors. “If you’ve ever had trouble understanding microaggressions watch episode 1 of Netflix's Million Dollar Beach House,” wrote one user.

To revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories. “If you’ve ever had trouble understanding microaggressions, watch episode 1 of Netflix's Million Dollar Beach House. (From left) Peggy, J. B.

Million Dollar Beach House, now streaming on Netflix, has many of the ingredients that make a great reality show: excessive wealth, people screaming, “I’m a very private person! ” on a series that will be available to millions, a man named Neil St.

Not with smugness but with some wonder, he adds, “I closed on four houses while they were sitting around, arguing. ” It’s the same sentiment the white male bosses of Selling Sunset voice, more condescendingly, to their employees. (A show, it's worth nothing, that avoids confronting office racism by casting only white people, and a single biracial person.

Million Dollar Beach House follows a team of five realtors: three white men, a Black man, and a white woman.

What Million Dollar Beach House neglects to take into account is that America is also going through a reckoning with our history and current reality of profound racism.

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