A 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' Cast Reunion Special Is Coming to HBO Max

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Talk of a traditional Fresh Prince of Bel-Air revival has been swirling for years. “I'd have to be Uncle Phil in that one,” Smith said in 2017 when asked about rebooting the popular show, which ran for six seasons and 148 episodes on NBC. "I’m about to be 50, you know.

Like, ‘Come on Aunt Viv, I’m 50, I can’t go out on my own? “It was my very first role, and I was very, very focused on being successful, so I learned the whole script and everyone else’s lines…If you watch the first four or five episodes, you can see I’m mouthing other people’s lines,” Smith also said about the show. "It’s terrible and I can’t bear to watch it.

News interview Smith did for Fresh Prince back in 1990, he says, “You can't find nothing else that will make you feel the way this show makes you feel.

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