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If you have a small pocket of fat under your chin that’s preventing you from having a defined neckline, Kybella may be for you. “Kybella is a series of injections of a chemical that breaks down the fat in an area,” says New York plastic surgeon Craig Baldenhofer, MD. “It usually takes two to three treatments separated four weeks apart. ” While this treatment permanently kills fat cells in the area and requires very little downtime, the results take rather long to become apparent (around six to 12 weeks).

Unfortunately, this section between your chin and your chest can be one of the most difficult areas to treat, and many people simply aren’t aware of their best treatment options. “In an ideal world, more patients would be informed about the terminology involved with neck treatments,” says Wayne, NJ facial plastic surgeon Jeffrey Wise, MD. “It is so common to become confused by the multitude of terms out there.

Harnessing the power of ultrasound energy, Ultherapy tightens and lifts the skin naturally by heating the tissue and stimulating the production of collagen. “Skin firmness and elasticity are restored and the new, youthful volume erases wrinkles and fine lines,” explains Dr. Wise. “It is, by far, the most impactful way to non-surgically tighten deep tissues of the neck, face, and chest, and it’s often an adjuvant procedure my patients seek out to maintain surgical results.

While many people often associate CoolSculpting with eliminating fat from the abdomen, it can also be used under the chin to permanently get rid of submental fat for a slimmer neckline. “CoolSculpting is the least invasive and uses a machine to freeze [and destroy] the fat that your body will then absorb,” says Dr. Baldenhofer. “It is usually a series of two to three treatments separated four or more weeks apart, with the results becoming apparent in about three months.

Wise, submental liposuction can be paired with a chin implant for an even more sculpted look. “If the patient’s concern is, in fact, a double chin and lack of definition, the best solution could instead be a combination of submental liposuction and chin implant,” says Dr. Wise. “Although for some patients, submental liposuction by itself could be enough, oftentimes we add a chin implant to increase definition of the chin [and] jawline to provide harmony and balance to the face.

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