I Tried Cardi B's Favorite Avocado Hair Mask, and the Results Were Not What I Expected

Curated via Twitter from POPSUGAR Beauty’s twitter account….

Cardi’s homemade hair mask includes the following: one avocado, two raw eggs, one whole banana, one scoop of mayonnaise, argan oil, olive oil, lots of black castor oil, and a smidge of honey.

This isn’t a characteristic of thick products like pure castor oil, mayo, and eggs. (Note: castor oil is a callout ingredient in the hair mask that I regularly use, though I normally thin that out with water and add jojoba to lighten it up.

Not too long ago, Cardi B gave her fans and Instagram followers an inside look at her natural hair-care process, specifically the at-home avocado hair treatment she loves using on herself and her daughter, Kulture.

I decided to give Cardi’s special mask a try after washing my hair one week, and the first thing I noticed after letting it sit for about 40 minutes was that my hair absorb it.

And as far as the oils are concerned, olive oil is commonly used to hydrate hair, while argan oil is known to add shine, and castor oil is commonly touted for its ability to promote hair growth.

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