This Woman Looks Just Like Lindsay Lohan and It’s Freaking TikTok Out

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A couple of followers have requested she recreate looks from Freaky Friday and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, but being a Lohan look-alike isn't something Kroells wants to be exclusively known for (like some other celebrity look-alikes and cosplayers on the app). "I definitely love to make my own content, but it is very flattering and I love her movies," Kroells explains.

The video earned her more than a million views in a week. "I have gotten [the comparison] randomly my whole life, but it really became apparent with the TikToks," Kroells tells Allure. "It's awesome seeing how much people enjoy the recreations.

As loads of Gen Z and millennials kids did, Kroells grew up watching Lohan's movies, so the comparison is wholly welcome. "I could probably quote all of The Parent Trap; that was my favorite movie," she recalls.

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