35 Celebrities You Totally Forgot Have Famous Parents

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Saturday Night Live star Maya Rudolph was very young when her famous mother, singer Minnie Riperton, died of cancer in 1979. (The family is pictured here in 1978. ) “It really didn't help that it was a public experience,” the comedian and actor has said. "It was weird to grow up that way, thinking, 'I'm the kid whose mom died, and everybody knows it. ' Or at least you feel like everybody knows it.

Black-ish actor and Pattern Beauty owner Tracee Ellis Ross says she's lucky to have singer Diana Ross as her mother. “The Diana Ross we all know kind of doesn’t hold a candle to the mom that I have, in her extraordinary ability to love,” Ellis Ross told Glamour in 2018. “My mom holds her family and a career and nourishes both things.

Danner is a successful actor herself with multiple Emmy nominations for her roles on series like Will & Grace. "Bailamos" singer Enrique Iglesias is pictured here as a young boy with his dad, Julio Iglesias, who is still celebrated as one of the top record sellers in music history.

Allison Williams is recognizable for her portrayal of Marnie in the HBO series Girls and Rose Armitage in Get Out, but she's admitted that she didn’t like only being known as the daughter of her famous news anchor dad, Brian Williams “I’ve formed my own thing, and now I get people who are surprised to find out he’s my dad,” she told the L. A. Times. “I dreamed that would happen, and it has: I’m no longer introduced to people as Brian Williams’ daughter.

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