9 Teacher-Approved Essentials for Your Kid’s Back-to-School Bag

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Laura Wenig, a third-grade teacher, recommends storing “a travel-size bottle of hand sanitizer, or as I’ve so sweetly heard it be called, magic soap,” in kids” backpacks. “It’s a quick way to clean little hands of germs after touching anything from school supplies to other little hands,” she says.

The days of sharing school supplies are on hold, so providing your children with their own pencil case is key. “In years past, I have combined all of my students’ school supplies and made communal bins,” says Catherine Laningham, who kindergarteners to fifth graders. “It’s a great way to build community and teaches kids how to share and take care of things that don’t belong to them.

Fourth-grade teacher Bari Reyer recommends packing a journal (or a coloring book) in elementary kids’ backpacks this year. “Most schools are not having typical lunch and recess, so kids should have something fun and relaxing to take their mind off of school for a few minutes throughout the day,” she says.

From travel-size hand sanitizer to personalized notebooks and pencil cases, keep reading for a list of nine teacher-approved essentials to consider in addition to the advice of your school’s administrators and CDC guidelines. (P. S. : Should you decide that remote schooling is a better option for your family, we rounded up products that could be useful for distancing learning.

We can’t see those emotions through a mask, so it’s nice to have a visual of them readily available in the classroom. ” This positive reminder can help your kid feel more comfortable and confident as they navigate a socially distant school year. © 2020 Condé Nast. All rights reserved.

A mask lanyard is a clever way to make sure kids’ face masks stay off the ground and on them at all times. “It’ll make mask breaks easier, and possibly prevent them from touching their mask to various surfaces,” says kindergarten teacher Kim Cohen.

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