Glow Recipe's Plum Serum Is My New Bouncy Skin Obsession

Curated via Twitter from Glamour’s twitter account….

Cofounder and co-CEO, Sarah Lee, says the team set out to create a daily-use serum that could be used to enhance glow for any skin type. “We wanted to achieve the ultimate bouncy, juicy skin,” she says. “In Korea, this is called chok-chok skin, and it's characterized by a hydrated glow. ” Along with five molecular weights of hyaluronic acid (think: instant maximum hydration), Glow Recipe also includes plant-based versions of collagen and silk protein, which boost the serum's moisturizing effects.

While plum might not be something I get excited about under any other circumstances, if you put it in a cute bottle with hyaluronic acid and a skin-plumping serum, you have my attention. (Particularly if that bottle's contents are made by the purveyors of my favorite Banana Soufflé Moisture Cream and Avocado Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask.

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