How Ziwe Fumudoh Gets Ready for Each Episode of 'Baited'

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Suddenly, it becomes like a satire of talk shows, where I’m this airheaded host that’s like, "I love makeup! I love fashion! " But I'm having these really in-depth conversations that normally don’t happen on talk shows.

Conversely, you have lifestyle brands like the Kelly Clarkson Show, like Tyra, where it's about beauty and lifestyle and dieting and what it means to be a woman, and how we can incorporate these facets of lifestyle branding for women into the everyday programming of those shows.

The idea that I was writing part of my beauty column during a pandemic — I’m like, “Yeah, this mascara makes me feel like I have a camel’s eyelashes. ” There’s something about beauty and fashion that doesn’t acknowledge the current climate.

I don't mind my skin being dry; it's when it gets textured that it’s an issue, because obviously I have to put on makeup, and it doesn't photograph well if you have bumps on your face.

Erika Jayne and Dorit Kemsley, Naomi Campbell, Normani, Alexa Demie — these are beauty influences of mine. We love a paint.

The Friday morning after one of Ziwe’s shows, Twitter feeds everywhere look the same—grainy video of a woman wearing pearl-white eyeliner, Milk Makeup-covered brows furrowed, as she listens to white actifluencers like Alyssa Milano and Caroline Calloway answer pointed questions about race, class, activism, anything.

I don't exist in a vacuum, the makeup I wear doesn’t exist in a vacuum, the clothes I wear don't exist in a vacuum — how can we contextualize this to create a better picture of American culture?

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I would love to have a lifestyle brand one day. I love lifestyle. I love clothes. I love beauty.

I like the idea of incorporating beauty into really substantive conversations about blackface and being a white ally.

I like the idea of incorporating beauty into really substantive conversations about blackface and being a white ally.

I'm like, “How do I look like Naomi Campbell, my beauty idol? ” I started teaching myself [makeup] along those lines.

I definitely could not afford to have the palettes, the foundation sticks and the eye shadows and the liquid liners, [so] writing about beauty was my way of trying all these different products without absolutely breaking my bank.

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