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At New York facial plastic surgeon John Kang, MD’s office, he says it’s been both sides of the—quite literal—spectrum. “There are many people out there spending way too much time under the sun, especially golf lovers, including myself, while the UV index is at its highest,” he says, adding that he suspects those patients will book an appointment in mid-Fall/early Winter to get their photo-facial work or pigment lasers. “On the other hand, there’s has been an uptick of more patients ‘safely’ hiding themselves indoors, which allows for us to aggressively treat things like acne scars using Fraxel and pigmentary issues using Picosure Laser.

Likewise, La Jolla, CA plastic surgeon Robert Singer, MD says, besides the obvious use of recommending sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen, skin care and light peels for pigment change can help with sun damage as well. “Patients definitely have more leisure time now and more sunburns now,” he says. “There’s also some funny-looking tans and burns because of masks.

On the other coast—that sun-is-almost-always-shining, 365-days-a-year one—Santa Monica, CA dermatologist Ava Shamban, MD is seeing it too. “Whether they’re working from home and in front of the window all day or spending significantly more hours outside that they think ‘don’t count,’ most people aren’t using adequate sun protection,” she says. “Skin is skin.

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