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In the video (you can see it below), Bosworth gives a close-up look at her face after she’s washed it, and with no makeup on, to give an idea of what her skin looks like pre-serum. “I’m just gonna give it a couple of pumps into my hand—it’s like a clear jelly—and what I’m told is that it is oatmeal and seaweed that creates this tightening effect,” she says, pumping a few extra pumps into her hand because her skin “really needs it today and it just soaked right in.

After a couple minutes, Bosworth’s skin looks visibly tighter and refreshed. “What it feels like is that everything is lifted through here, like I almost can’t smile…that’s how much it’s lifting my face up,” she says, pointing to the area around her mouth.

She also draws attention to the smoothing of the lines on her forehead and the area under her eyes. “It’s so amazing—like literally, it’s lifting my face. “So, what you’re supposed to do after this serum is add your moisturizer and then follow with your makeup.

Bosworth says she loves Epicuren “because it’s clean beauty, but it’s incredibly effective”—she also calls out that this serum is vegan and cruelty-free—so she has a ton of the brand’s products in her cabinets. “They have a ton of different products for different needs, and I just think they’re brilliant.

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