This Perfume Made My Baby Smell Like a Newborn Again, aka the Best Scent in the World

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Then, I was on maternity leave and could barely muster the energy to apply concealer under my tired eyes — perfume was the last thing on my mind.

"The pH of a person’s skin, or the level of acidity it contains, tends to contribute to the wear of a fragrance," explained Olivier Gillotin, vice president of Givaudan New York.

Founder Alana Shlenker worked with a perfumer to develop the Maya Base ($72) so that it totally transforms according to your pH and environment. And it works.

The premise is that it smells totally different on everyone, and when you wear it you have a signature scent no one can copy.

Even what you had for lunch the day before could alter your chemistry enough to change how a perfume smells, he said.

And when I heard about Maya perfume oil, it seemed like the ideal formula for getting back into perfume.

The way it smells in the bottle (clean with maybe a hint of gardenia) is nothing like how it smells on my skin: warm and musky and vaguely like vanilla bean.

I love perfume, but I haven’t worn it in almost two years.

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I’m trying to refrain from dousing my child in this perfume, but I may "accidentally" get a little on him from time to time.

As things have started to reopen, I’ve been dipping my unpedicured toe back into beauty rituals and products I haven’t used in a while.

But here’s what really sold me on Maya: a little rubbed off on my 1-year-old son, completely by accident, and it made him smell like a newborn.

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