17 Masturbation Tips From a Neuroscientist

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In fact, sex (solo or with a partner) can reduce stress—something I’ve seen time and time again in my decades of work as a certified sex and relationship therapist and also in the results of fMRI scans in my work as a neuroscientist studying the scientific benefits of sexual pleasure. (I even wrote an entire book, Why Good Sex Matters, about it.

It needn't involve masturbation or sex of any kind—anything that feels good and is good for you can help you access that pleasure mindset next time you are in the bedroom.

In other words, repeated stimulation is key. Nan Wise, Ph. D. , is AASECT certified sex therapist, neuroscientist, certified relationship expert, and author of Why Good Sex Matters: Understanding the Neuroscience of Pleasure for a Smarter, Happier, and More Purpose-Filled Life.

Specifically when it comes to your masturbation practice, think about trying a new sex toy or dressing up in something that makes you feel confident (even if you’re solo). Star rating: 4. 6 out of 5
Key selling points: This toy fits onto your finger for “precise” pleasure.

Similar to finding a new hobby, finding ways to get playful in your life can actually help you access that playful pleasure when it comes to turning yourself on.

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