Facial Bars In New York Still Aren't Allowed to Reopen: "We're Falling Through the Cracks"

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"I don’t think the intention was specifically to weed out your more sort of classic facial treatments, but we’ve reached this point where now, we’re falling through the cracks and there are over 40,000 aestheticians in the state of New York who can’t do their work," said Pollak.

"We saw a phased reopening approach laid out for restaurants and essential businesses, medical and all these things that sort of made sense, and through that, specifically in New York and Pennsylvania, facials were left out," Michael Pollak, co-founder of Heyday told POPSUGAR.

In an effort to get the word out there, Heyday has enlisted the help of its clients to contact the New York State government via email to get an update on the status of facial studios.

At first, facial studios were told by officials to wait because the beginning phases of reopening prioritized treatments where a mask could be worn the entire time, but seven months after they shuttered doors in March, there’s still no update.

All of these personal care services were permitted to resume business late this summer as apart of the state’s phased reopening plan, but many aestheticians employed at facial bars and studios are still out of work.

Businesses that have their medical certification like med spas have been allowed to reopen because they’re deemed essential — even if the treatments being received are elective like Botox, injectables, laser treatments, or a standard facial.

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