Hannah Ann Sluss Says Her and Peter Weber's Marriage 'Would Have Made It'

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May 1: After the popular Bachelor Nation fan Instagram account @bachelornation. scoop posted TMZ’s photo of Hannah Ann and her rumored new fling, NFL player Mason Rudolph, on Instagram, one commenter called it the “upgrade of the century. ” Sure enough, @bachelornation. scoop posted an Instagram story showing that Sluss liked the dig at Weber.

That same day, Sluss spoke to Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast and implied she regretted attending the final rose ceremony. “My instincts were telling me I wasn’t getting all the information I needed to make a decision with Peter,” she said, according to Us Weekly. “That’s intuition and that’s instincts, and should I have stayed on that bed in Australia? Absolutely.

March 28: Sluss joined Nick Viall on Instagram Live and reportedly said she was “blindsided” by the Weber and Flanagan photos but “wasn’t really surprised. ” She also said, “I’m glad I’m out of it.

On May 21, Sluss posted a couple of bikini shots on Instagram with the caption, “Got my eye on the prize. ” Viall got cheeky in the comments, suggesting that she should have captioned the photo “Dear Peter. “As far as captions go… ‘Dear Peter’… would have been a home run,” he wrote.

April 9: By far the strangest shade thrown by Sluss was when she likened Weber to a cauliflower during an interview with Kaitlyn Bristowe on the Off the Vine podcast. “The vegetable that represents Peter’s manhood would be cauliflower because it has no taste,” she said, according to ET. “Cauliflower needs a lot of flavor.

March 26: After photos surfaced of Weber reconnecting with Kelley Flanagan in Chicago, Sluss deleted all pics of Weber from her Instagram, according to Cosmopolitan.

April 15: Sluss went on Wells Adams and Brandi Cyrus’s podcast, Your Favorite Things, and talked about the type of man she’s looking for in her life, and it got…personal. “Okay, the next guy I’m looking for—the type, I want him to be very hunky.

March 11, 2020: Sluss posted a photo on Instagram dressed in Weber’s signature flight apparel. “Flyin’ solo… no turbulence accepted.

March 27: Sluss went on to like a lot of shady tweets about her ex. “Raise hands if you knew Peter was a f*ckboi and are not surprised Peter’s now hooking up with a third woman from his season after it ended,” said one tweet that Sluss has liked.

Sluss dropped truth bomb after truth bomb about Weber’s indecisive nature, the ways he took advantage of her leading up to the final rose ceremony, and the fact that he reached out to Hannah Brown when they were still engaged.

March 23: Sluss took to Instagram to talk about “trust” and how she was coping with being “let down. “Trust Is A Must—Trusting can be really difficult but without it, connectivity and relationships suffer.

Sluss couldn’t resist the bait when fellow Bachelor Nation alum Nick Viall brought Peter up in her Instagram comments.

March 12: Sluss went on The Ellen Degeneres show and implied Weber was a bad kisser.

Prior to the show was one life and then the show was my second life, being engaged included, and now I’m on my third life living in Los Angeles, being single and kind of just making the most out of this new life,” the 24-year-old told Us Weekly in a new interview. “It’s just it’s truly been crazy.

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