What It's Like to Relocate and Reopen Your Small Business Amid a Pandemic

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Jessica Richards, the owner of Shen Beauty, tells Allure, in her own words, what it was like to relocate and reopen her beloved Brooklyn salon and shop during the pandemic, with COVID-19-related safety measures in place, while the future of beauty treatments in New York City is uncertain.

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As for cost, between ventilation and the hand sanitizer and the face shields and installing laundry in the store so we could constantly do laundry, the thermometers, I would say we spent well over $100,000 in coronavirus-related preparations.

When I went to renew the lease, the owner of the space wanted to give it away to a chain restaurant — which would have gotten rid of me, the single woman business owner on the block.

The makeup chairs were being pulled into the brow station, we had two brow people going at once and their butts were hitting each other.

We also needed more treatment rooms and a seating area for customers to wait, rather than standing in a store.

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